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Peace, Joy and Love: Christmas Across Africa

Terry Lister

For some living in highly developed societies, Christmas is a time of exorbitant expense and sheer panic. Children are suddenly acutely aware of their conduct, and parents subconsciously feel pressured to tackle pricey wish lists.

But in Africa, Christmas is a little different, especially depending on the country you decide to visit.

Terry Lister’s experiences and research gives the reader a glimpse into the customs and practices of more than 13 African nations, delivering an educational taste of the traditional foods and common rituals. Vibrant photographs display the cultural variety and demonstrate the ways in which unlikely communities work together to make the season a festive time for all, including the most impoverished.

There are lessons to be learned and adventures to be had within the pages of this literary travel treasure. Explore Christmas in Africa and prepare to walk away challenged on the concepts of what it really means to have peace, joy and love during the holiday season.

Peace, Joy and Love: Christmas Across Africa
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