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Romantic Comedy
Mick & Moira & Brad: A Romantic Comedy

Gerald Everett Jones

Mick McGraw is an aggressive Hollywood agent who reps famous singers. Moira Halimi-Joubert is a headstrong criminal defense attorney who studied opera. Brad Davenport is an arrogant billionaire hedge-fund manager who has a soft spot for dogs. Mick wants to make Moira a superstar, but she may have to dump Brad. What does the battle of the sexes look like when the combatants are equally matched—and might actually like each other? #MeThree?

The twisty plot takes you inside a big-time movieland packaging agency as Mick’s team scrambles to put together a stadium concert patterned on Cher’s “Farewell Tour.” The superstar they’ve scheduled has canceled just nine weeks before opening night. They need a totally new show theme - and a new star. With Moira in the role, her “Follow This!” show brings back famous names and songs from pop culture - and surprises everyone, including Moira, who must decide whether to pay the high price of fame.

Mick & Moira & Brad: A Romantic Comedy
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