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Denial of Service: Link Webber Series - Book #2

E.J. Yerzak

By all accounts, Lincoln Webber has the life he wanted - a beautiful girlfriend, his own company, and a sweet side gig teaching a few college courses in the heart of Boston. But when one of Link's star students goes missing just days before finals, and all of the evidence points to him, his world quickly collapses. A cyber professor who is more than capable of covering his digital tracks, Link soon realizes that the missing girl is just the start of his problems when another student turns up dead. With his career and personal relationships on the line, the threats come at him on multiple fronts as he tries to clear his name and find the missing girl. Seeing isn't always believing, and nothing is as it seems in this thrilling sequel to Access Point.

Denial of Service: Link Webber Series - Book #2
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