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Childrens: Inspirational/Motivational
Kindness with Mahavira

Chitwan Mittal
Sarita Saraf

So, said he, “Be kind to all! Humungous or little or really, really small!”

Mahavira, believed that all living beings have a soul. And, that each soul is of equal value, be it an elephant, an ant or a person. He encourages us to be kind to all.

This board book Kindness With Mahavira will enable children to explore numerous ways of being kind to humans, to animals and to their own selves.

The Learning TO BE series is a creative way to introduce your little ones to big values in an engaging manner. Written in simple text and magical verse, this series is perfect to read aloud to toddlers (2-4 year olds) and excellent for beginning readers (4-8 year olds).

Look for other titles in this series: Service with Guru Nanak and Peace with Buddha.

Kindness with Mahavira
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