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Crime Fiction
Hooker Avenue

Jode Millman

Attorney Jessie Martin in upstate New York's Hudson Valley. Jessie is on her way home during a pop-up thunderstorm when she spots a woman drowning in a storm drain. She pulls over to save the woman—only to discover that no good deed goes unpunished.

Responding to the scene is Jessie's former best friend, Detective Ebony Jones. Ebony and her partner are investigating a string of disappearances of sex workers, and the assault matches the other crimes with one difference—the victim is still alive.

Before Jessie can make amends with Ebony, she's thrown into a dilemma. A former rival has offered her a job in his law firm, and as an unemployed single mother, she can't say no. But this also means she can't help Ebony with her case. Jessie's employer is now the attorney of record for the victim, Lissie Sexton, and Lissie has gone into hiding, which places the two old friends on opposite sides of the law.

As the evidence builds, Jessie's personal life goes into a tailspin. She's being stalked by the killer she helped put away, and the man in her life is ready to take their relationship to the next level. With her allegiance being pulled in every direction and horrific revelations coming to light, will Jessie be able to figure out where her loyalties lie and stop another killer plaguing the Hudson Valley before her own life hangs in the balance?

Hooker Avenue
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