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Shadow War

A.M. Adair

The hardest wars are the ones you can’t see…
Where the line between good and evil disappears.
For CIA Operative Elle Anderson, it started with an impossible task—her specialty. It should have been business as usual. A covert mission, another target list, and then she would disappear. Only this time, she wasn’t the only player in the shadows. By the time her enemies were unmasked, it was too late.
This war is personal.
After being set up and dismissed from the CIA, Elle is on the run, chased by Thomas Matthews, her former handler turned criminal mastermind. Driven by a visceral hatred, Tom focuses his extensive network of killers and informants on ending Elle once and for all.
Every move could be life or death.
Elle must be smarter, faster, and more lethal to stay alive long enough to turn the tables on her enemy, all the while evading teams on both sides of the law. This means using any means necessary to destroy the man pulling the strings. There are no rules in the shadows. This game is driven by will. Nothing is going to stop Elle from finishing her war.
The end justifies the means…
And the end is here.

Shadow War
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