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Childrens: Performing Arts - Film, Theater, Dance & Music
Danika's Dancing Day: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story

Once Upon a Dance

Two Ballerinas dance on the pages of this charming story of ballet passion.

"Overflowing with enthusiasm for ballet, this book is a celebration of all those who live with dance in their souls. Effervescent images of both Danika and Ballerina Konora will inspire children to mirror their movements both while reading the story and after it ends". (—Mary Lanni, Librarian Reviewer)

Danika loves ballet. She translates each ordinary aspect of her life into a remarkable dance performance. Ballerina Konora (a professional ballerina) joins the fun with how-to instructions and photos for kids who want to dance along with Danika, Penelope the cat, and their animal friends.

This is book 12 of the Dance-It-Out! Collection of Creative Movement Stories, a series with numerous awards including PenCraft Award First Place, Mom’s Choice Gold Award, and Royal Dragonfly First Place. While each book is an independent story, Danika’s Dancing Day builds on concepts introduced in earlier stories, and it’s ideal for dance students or kids 5+. The series is a bit above typical language level as the stories are often enjoyed with a caregiver or teacher.

Movement, technique, and dance concepts in this story include:
• First Position
• First, Second, Fifth Position Arms
• Skip (Sauté Passé)
• Attitude
• Plié
• Tendu
• Sur le Cou-de-pied
• Arabesque
• Penché
• Chassé
• Passé
• Sauté
• Pas de Chat
• Port de bras
• Grand Jeté
• Waltz (1/2)
• Twirl

Danika's Dancing Day: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story
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