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Unleashing the Power of Respect: The I-M Approach

Dr. Joseph Shrand

Have you ever wondered why someone is behaving the way they do? Whether it’s a loved one, a stranger, even yourself - human behavior can be puzzling. Our actions can seem counterintuitive, destructive, shocking and even frightening. Yet each of us is a window into the other, when we are willing to look without judgment. When you wonder instead of worry.

Unleashing the Power of Respect takes the chaos of life and organizes it into four manageable domains that help us understand who we are and why we do what we do. Dr. Shrand’s method gives us a clear, actionable path where respect leads to value, and value leads to trust. You control no one but influence everyone, and you get to choose the kind of influence you want to be. All of us want the same thing—to be valued by others.

Unleashing the Power of Respect: The I-M Approach
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