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Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus

Jonathan Geoffrey Dean

A landmark investigation providing an easily accessible yet complete and definitive statement on the historical Jesus of Nazareth, history's most compelling figure. Derived from critically reviewing, for the first time, ALL relevant ancient sources and bringing together the latest, but previously disparate, scholarship, Salt & Light follows a tightly argued but common-sense structure culminating in a description of the real Jesus; what he did, who he was and what he said. It is the most crucial advance in understanding the historical Jesus in the last 30 years, the go-to reference for even the toughest questions about Jesus.

The search for the historical Jesus is a hot topic in both popular and academic circles today and has drawn a lot of attention from the national media, such as Time, National Geographic, the History Channel and Newsweek. Salt & Light challenges long-held assumptions about the man we know as Jesus of Nazareth. By sifting through all the evidence, Jonathan Geoffrey Dean sheds new light on hitherto unexplained or confusing aspects of Jesus' mission and teaching.

Salt & Light is intended to be of interest to all people of any and no religious background. Both welcome are the New Testament academic and the person who has never had exposure to Jesus in any form. No prior or special training is required, just an open mind and common sense.

Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus
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