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Acts of Closure

NT Anderson

Have you ever thought about a person from your past and wondered what if? You know who I mean…the one that got away. I have, and his name is Jack Perry. He’s fun and flirty. Sexy and mysterious. But there’s also a dark, brooding side where he hides a secret bedroom desire. A provocative veiled persona no one knows about. Well, no one except me. You see, years ago, we had an internet relationship. After trading countless emails about our private thoughts, he went deeper, confiding in me his innermost cravings. It intrigued me, and I never forgot about it. Now my life has been thrown into a tailspin. I feel invisible these days. Lost…and after all these years, Jack and his soulful eyes have been on my mind. A lot. I made the decision to experience the tall and handsome Mr. Perry in the flesh. To stop being invisible. To start feeling alive again. So, here I am, standing on his front porch, ready to meet him for the first time. No matter what happens, this evening is destined to be full of surprises. You’re welcome to come along. Within these pages is a story you don’t want to miss…

Acts of Closure
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