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Multicultural Fiction
Stand A Little Out of My Sun

Angelyn Christy Voss

Stand a Little Out of My Sun captures the dramatic crosscurrents of life within the folds of a Greek American family in Chicago's Industrial Southeast Side during the fifties.
It tells the story of Sophie, who becomes the sole protector of her little brother, Niko. Sophie wishes to live with her grandparents with their big passions and abundant love, but Niko idolizes their pa. Nine-year-old Niko becomes the newest member of an under-the-table car business run by his pa. He shuts Sophie out, and she can't bear the way his eyes have begun to get the same hard flash as their father's.

The core of this multigenerational and multicultural story tests the bounds of a family's loyalty and its astonishing mercy under impossible circumstances.

Stand A Little Out of My Sun
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