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Addition By Subtraction - God Turns Our Broken Pieces Into Masterpieces

David Ralston, PhD

God turns broken pieces into masterpieces. In his book, Addition By Subtraction, author David Ralston invites readers to join him on a journey from the shame and brokenness of their past to lasting hope for the future. Where the world's way claims that change comes through a complex formula of mental health methods, behavior modification, and self-help disciplines, Dr. Ralston's TURN approach is built on the premise that the solution isn't within a person, the problem is. He then meticulously details a biblical, Christ-centered pathway of self-examination, deep vulnerability, surrendering control, and systematically exchanging false beliefs for God's truth. This book invites the reader to turn from the pain of their past to hope and wholeness found only in Jesus. On this journey toward authenticity, an individual begins to discover genuine heart change and an unfathomable hope. Not just another untried theory, Dr. Ralston's well-proven TURN model combines the wisdom of his real-life experiences with abandonment, addiction, and divorce, with the credibility of his extensive study, training, and experience as a doctoral level Christian Counselor. Passing shame and brokenness down to children has long been a generational norm in American society. By learning to live a transparent, surrendered life, God miraculously changes a person from the inside out, introducing a renewed and unshakable hope for generations to come.

Addition By Subtraction - God Turns Our Broken Pieces Into Masterpieces
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