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Everyone Is An "Influencer"

Kelly Keenan

Kelly Keenan unlocks the code to recognizing and utilizing true Influencers that will change the trajectory of your business in a powerful way. For over 13 years Keenan has been using the process detailed in this book to help hundreds of brands uncover and celebrate their story in a way that adds excitement, creates consistency, and builds long-term success. This book teaches this proven and practiced method to develop your brand’s story and it’s a game changer for every industry.

You’ll discover proven secrets of how to create and strengthen lifelong relationships with your team and with customers. Not just short-term gains. Go beyond sales gimmicks and short-sighted tactics. Help your business attract and retain top talent while gaining like-minded customers who passionately support, endorse and join in your brand celebration.

Everyone Is An "Influencer"
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