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General Fiction
A Seventh Sense

Steve Jam

The seventh sense is the one we live with daily, yet fail to acknowledge. We seek to understand it, yet it belies understanding. The seventh sense is the sense that doesn't make any sense-nonsense!

Climb aboard the Bumps & Spuggett tour bus with a group of town dignitaries for a rollicking, one-day "guided tour" through the small town of North Corners-including an enigmatic two-story building that will change their lives forever.

A story written with humor, a touch of absurdity, thought-provoking points of view, an examination of the subjectivity of perception, and a unique way of looking at and experiencing the world, utilizing a mysterious "seventh sense."

The wacky, unforgettable journey explores the serious concepts of friendship, betrayal, redemption, prejudice, loyalty, and bravery in the face of adversity-and how NOT to judge a book by its cover . . . And it's one wild ride!

A Seventh Sense
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