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Big Conversations with Little Children: Addressing Questions, Worries, and Fears

Lauren Starnes, Ed.D.

Be prepared to respond to a wide range of potentially tough questions and sensitive concerns posed by young children.

To work with young children is to constantly expect the unexpected. Tough questions are part of early childhood educators’ regular interactions with children and families. Based on children’s actual questions, Big Conversations with Little Children is readily accessible with guidelines for having difficult conversations with children, individually or as a classroom or group, and with families. The book provides guidance on how to approach specific topics related to:
family, such as unemployment, divorce, and incarceration
illness and death, such as loss of an unborn child, major illness in a child, and death of a pet
social issues, such as racism, family structures, and gender fluidity
upheaval and violence, such as natural disaster, terror events, and school shootings
Fully based in developmentally appropriate practice, Big Conversations with Little Children helps educators support young children in a way that preserves their dignity and innocence when they encounter world and social events in addition to honoring the family’s preferred approach. An expert in the field of early childhood education, author Dr. Lauren Starnes empowers educators and families to answer sensitive or tough questions children pose, respond to their worries and concerns, and be prepared for an ongoing dialogue.

Big Conversations with Little Children: Addressing Questions, Worries, and Fears
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