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Dungeon Jest: The Ruby of Power

Andrew Snook

As court jester of the Kingdom of Opulentos, you, Stultus Insanis Rusticus (or "Stulty," as you are known throughout the kingdom), have lived your life for one purpose: to entertain the royal family. The happiness you have brought the kingdom has made you the most popular fool in the realm.

That is, until now . . .

After a minor misunderstanding, you are punished with a seemingly impossible quest: to obtain the fabled Ruby of Power. Armed with nothing but your wit and a few basic items, you must brave a labyrinth, battle monsters, avoid deadly traps, and retrieve the artifact for the glory of the King and Queen Opulentos.

This is a choose your fate, dice-rolling battle book where every decision could be your last...

Dungeon Jest: The Ruby of Power
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