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Pedro Arrupe

Brian Grogan, SJ

THE TERM “MODERN-DAY SAINT” is thrown around lightly these days, but rarely does it describe a person as well as it does Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ. Often referred to as “the second founder” of the Jesuits, Arrupe led the Society of Jesus beginning in 1965 during a time of profound transformation. He coined the phrase “men for others” and inspired educators at Jesuit Institutions to educate “men and women for others.”

Born in Spain in 1907, Arrupe felt an irrepressible urge to help and serve others whenever possible, eventually joining the Jesuits at age twenty. But it was his extraordinary experiences responding to the aftermath of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, that engraved on his heart his dedication to justice and service.

And while the specific events that drove him to devote his life to service were unique and traumatic, the need for ordinary people to step forward and do the right thing—the compassionate thing—is as urgent as ever.

This highly readable biography of Pedro Arrupe unpacks his life, times, and spirituality and helps readers answer the question: “What difference can I make?”

Pedro Arrupe
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