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Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert

Carol J. Walker

Since 2004, Carol Walker has been visiting wild horses in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana and grown increasingly enamored with the colorful herds that inhabit the region, grazing and reproducing in close-knit family groups. This story begins on a crisp fall day in 2018 as she roamed rural roads in the Red Desert Complex of Wyoming. In the hours before dawn she’d glimpsed a few family bands at a distance through her binoculars. Ahead she spotted a stallion standing tall and proud, a blue roan with four white matching stockings that went up all four legs. His mane was twisted with wind knots and a long forelock covered his eyes. He was the most beautiful stallion she had ever seen! She pulled to the side of the road and got out with her camera. He would become known as Blue Zeus and it was the beginning of a love affair that lasts to this day. Join Carol as she relates Blue Zeus’s capture and separation from his family in a BLM roundup and the coordinated efforts, led by her, to find them a safe haven. Carol shares with readers the heartbreaking details of that roundup. At present over 60,000 wild horses are captive in holding corrals that range from feedlots to pastures; too many end up being sent to slaughter or die from inadequate care. As one of the leading advocates for America’s wild horses, Carol Walker is dedicated to educating people with her stunning photographs and stories and to stopping wild horse roundups and removals from America’s public lands, keeping them wild and free. This is a story that will win the hearts of whole families and grace bookshelves across the land. It’s a gift to be appreciated by horse and wildlife lovers everywhere!

Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert
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