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Historical Fiction
Madam in Lace
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Madam in Lace

Gini Grossenbacher

With each question, her temperature rose. Let the guards come. How dare she be used as a pawn in this game.

Montmartre, Paris, 1857, Desperate to find her missing mother, San Francisco's Celeste Bazin arrives in her native France only to take up with the captivating Carlo di Rudio and a band of revolutionaries who wish to overthrow Emperor Napoleon III. If she acts as a courier for the group, they will take her where rumor says her mother has been living. She journeys with the ruggedly handsome Odeon de through checkpoints thick with imperial guards, secret agents, and devious spies. The further she travels the more she realizes the power of her mother's secrets and the web of possible lies that entangle her. Only when she joins the plot to assassinate the emperor does she realize the impact of lies and the depth of love that has no national boundaries. Book #3 in The American Madams series.

Based on page-turning historical events and the author's on-site research in France.

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