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Winning in the Dojo and Your Life: Soul of the Genius Sensei
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Winning in the Dojo and Your Life: Soul of the Genius Sensei

Kris Wilder & Lawrence Kane

Sensei is a Japanese word, often translated as “teacher,” which means “one who has come before.” It pertains to martial arts instructors, yet the term can equally apply to anyone who has blazed a trail for others to follow.

When we acquire valuable knowledge and are willing to share our expertise, we speed our personal growth, honing our minds, sharpening our spirits, and establishing our legacy. It is about giving back, offering our best to others so that they can find the best in themselves. And, with appreciation, they can pay it forward, continuing the cycle.

“It is always shin, the spirit, that decides the fate of the battle,” wrote Taisen Deshimaru in The Zen Way to Martial Arts. Indeed, in every endeavor what separates world-class individuals from also-rans is the mental game. Application, instruction, and holistic self-development are the hallmarks of the exceptional sensei.

In setting an example that others follow we exude the essence of leadership. There is both an art and a science to getting it right, and this pioneering book teaches exactly how. In this fashion, we set ourselves up to win in the dojo and in life.

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