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Religion Fiction
Lightning Butterflies
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Lightning Butterflies

Jim H. Darnell Jr.

Deep in the jungles of Africa, discovering the secrets of the lightning butterflies winds itself through coercion to reveal the mysteries of teleportation, escapes, captures, a legendary faith, witchcraft, comical personalities, being framed for bank heists, love, predictions of doom, caught between crooks and tormentors; and most of all, the preparing of hearts for God’s miracles. African events are based on actual experiences, real places, and true legends. A clean Christian novel.

Born in Dallas, Jim spent his childhood in West Africa as a missionary kid. Jim has pastored 3 churches and serves as a missionary to Ivory Coast. A teacher of 23 years in math, French, and Spanish. His university degrees are a BS in Mathematics, a Master of Divinity, a Master of Secondary Education, and a Master of Educational Technology.

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