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Because of You, I lost Everything!
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Because of You, I lost Everything!

Jim H. Darnell, Jr

Taken to Africa as a boy, Jim revisits the moving of the Spirit, the making of spiritual giants, and how his parents started 62 churches. He also tells bizarre adventures growing up in a foreign country. Some of the stories are: lost in Africa without money; eating fruit bats; show me the worst of the worst; being the 11-yard-long python’s snack; baptizing with the crocodile; what is the stick, rope, and bucket for; the curse and the caretaker; and much more. This is Jim’s autobiography.

Born in Dallas, Jim spent his childhood in West Africa as a missionary kid. Jim has pastored three churches and serves as a missionary to Ivory Coast. A teacher of 23 years in math, French, and Spanish. His university degrees are a BS in Mathematics, a Master of Divinity, a Master of Secondary Education, and a Master of Educational Technology.

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