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Feelings Awakened
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Feelings Awakened

Vibha Maurya

Share in the universal human experience with this thoughtful and poignant collection of poems about the journey of life. Moment by moment, life reveals itself in this masterful collection of poetry. The subjects are as diverse as the readers of the words. Feelings Awakened is poet Vibha Maurya's meditations on identity, relationships, happiness, sorrow, love, loss, shattered dreams, and the places we inhabit. With a frequent nod to her beloved Indian homeland, her reflections allow readers to tap into the heart of the collective. In these poems that carefully balance the light with the dark, Maurya skillfully reveals the thoughts and feelings that lives in her heart. Simple, profound, and utterly heartfelt, Feelings Awakened is a poetry collection for readers who welcome the beauty of imperfection and the miracle of ever changing world. Prepare to be awakened to the universal.

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