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God's Creations Captured - Real Photography
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God's Creations Captured - Real Photography

Dawn Renee Darnell

Watch the dragonfly smile. Look into the craters of the craters on the moon. Peer inside flowers. See the wind ripples in red sand dunes. Glance into a reflection. Notice the indescribable salt lakes. Take a swim with the jellyfish, if you dare. Admire exotic birds so up close that each layer of feathers is a symphony of elegance. See the rarest of butterflies. Bundle up as you gaze upon the snow-covered land. Inspect the many eras of the mountains. See the ocean spray glistening in the sunrise. Be inspired by the beauty of the ordinary. God has truly crafted all parts of life to His satisfaction even the details rarely noticed.

Marvel at the beauty of God’s creation – rich colors, close-up breathtaking details, endless layers, vastness. Through the extreme perfection, God declares, “Take comfort; I have every little detail of life planned out.”

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