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Entanglements: Physics, love, and wilderness dreams
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Entanglements: Physics, love, and wilderness dreams

Jack Mayer

A poetic mélange about relationships, from sub-atomic particles to our human family: the ties that bind. Mayer, a pediatrician, poet, and hiker, explores the metaphysics of cosmology and that particularly intense entanglement, love. At the macroscopic level, Mayer’s doctor poems, inspired by his pediatric practice in rural Northern Vermont, take the reader into the heart and soul of a healer inspired to find meaning in his patients’ often difficult lives. Unique connections are unearthed.
As a wilderness hiker and canoeist, Mayer has experienced the healing power of wilderness; the mystery of belonging to wilderness, of independence and interdependence. His wilderness poems carry us into his beloved Green Mountains on Vermont’s Long Trail. On solo hikes he composes poems, then copies his first draft into the nearest shelter’s logbook under his trail name, “Mountain Poet.”
A durable thread connects these musings on relationships, our fundamental connections. Our quest for meaning depends on relationships, the matrix within which we endeavor to understand. Life is entangled. We are entangled.

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