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Addiction & Recovery
Powerless But Not Helpless
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Powerless But Not Helpless

Buddy C.

“Like a child who receives a gift, but plays with only the box, we possessed sobriety the entire time and did not know it.” v17, Buddy C.

For many in recovery, traditional views of a Higher Power do not resonate. This dissonance left author Buddy C. feeling hopeless. As a result, he entered a cycle of recovery and relapse for over five years.

Buddy found surrendering to a "Power greater than ourselves" undefinable and depressingly unattainable. Searching the world's religions for answers, Buddy discovered a healing way of life that connected with his needs. Not only were the revealed Taoist philosophies similar to other principles he had learned in recovery, including A.A., but they also echoed his experience growing up as a Christian attending church in the south.

What is the Tao Te Ching? Who is Lao Tzu? How does Taoist philosophy describe a Higher Power? How does Taoist philosophy demonstrate how to work Steps 1 – 3? The solutions you are looking for could be just a page turn away!

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