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Dragony Rising
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Dragony Rising

Michael Stephen Daigle

Detective Frank Nagler has seen his hometown of Ironton, NJ go through many changes over the past several years, and lately scandals abound within the city's government, the stench of its corruption imbedded deep, rivaling the dank stagnant stench emanating from the old bog just outside of town.

Detective Nagler has seen the worst of humanity, but nothing could have prepared him for the explosion that rocked the once thriving town, sending a section of Warren Street geysering into the air, suspended for a moment in time before collapsing into the rising flames in a shower of broken wooden walls, bricks, windowsills, bed frames, refrigerators and diner counter tops. The time had been recorded by the decorating, antique clock two blocks away whose cracked glass face shielded stopped hands.

The clues to this devastating crime are few and puzzling, leading down a rabbit hole and to a 15-year-old closed narcotics case, as well as a conglomerate of companies working towards an unknown goal - a goal that disregards the ever-increasing body count.

Danger always lurked in the shadows in Ironton but is Nagler prepared to face the most dangerous threat of all...Dragony Rising.

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