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Redeeming Eve:  When A Woman Lives Loved
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Redeeming Eve: When A Woman Lives Loved

Julie Wright

Let love redeem your past, infuse your present and secure your future. Redeeming Eve takes readers on a journey through the lives of nine incredible women of the Bible―women filled with hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, and pain and potential. Take a front-row seat as their stories unfold. Watch and wonder at their inner battles between courage and corruption, seduction and security, and betrayal and becoming. Cheer them in the midst of their struggles between passion and purity, sacrifice and scandal. Root for them as they navigate desires and deeds. Most of all, celebrate the redeeming, restoring love of God that is graciously extended to us all. Redeeming Eve is the journey toward wholeness and healing. The destination is to live loved.

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