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The Outcast
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The Outcast

Eve M. Riley

Never trust a bad boy. Just let me roll my eyes here for a second. Who peddles this nonsense? Let’s call them an asshole from the get-go …

Two years after the first one messed me up with his bullshit, here’s another one: lying in front of me in the ER, unconscious. The last one chewed me up and spat me out, so I’m not going anywhere with this one. Unlike last time, I know exactly what I’m dealing with. I’m older. Wiser. Moving on.

You should never let them help you out—that’s where I think it all goes wrong, that’s when they slip under your defences. You start to think that underneath that rough exterior—the tattoos, the long hair, the sexy body—maybe they’re okay, maybe, against the odds, they’re a decent guy … But then you prize open the lid and look inside and the cheating and the excuses hit you right slap bang between the eyes …

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