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Science Fiction
Imperious Realm (Reign of the North Forest Book 1)
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Imperious Realm (Reign of the North Forest Book 1)

Athene Z. Adam

Adults are slowly dying off and children are becoming “Antisenent”—not aging, confined to their young bodies. Unable to reproduce, the population will soon reach a standstill.

This is the dismal fate of the people of the planet Eiyesa.

For Sergen, his inability to age holds a darker reality. He and his mother are restricted from leaving their home by his father, Erek.

A powerful political figure, Erek may be combating a harsh political regime and its misguided ideologies but he is the opposite at home, secretly violent with his family. Sergen’s only visitor is his healer, who mends their wounds but is otherwise powerless to help them.

Surely, there must be a way out of Sergen’s tragic circumstances?

*Trigger warning: themes of domestic violence, discrimination

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