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Childrens: Inspirational/Motivational
My Old Friend, Then
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My Old Friend, Then

Katherine Davis-Gibbon

Named a Distinguished Favorite in the 2022 New York City Big Book Awards!

A child ponders ... who is her best, most loyal friend? Is it her constant, (if clingy) companion, Then, who regales her with extravagant stories of their shared past and imagined future? Or is it precious, patient Now, with whom she sensitively explores each new moment that unfolds?

My Old Friend, Then explores mindfulness the same way that kids approach life: with curiosity, humor, and utter sincerity. Pairing accessible, relatable language with vivid, quirky illustrations, this book invites readers to share in a young girl's journey as she grapples with the trappings--and delights in the boundless potential--of her own brilliant mind.

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