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Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering
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Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering

Darci J. Steiner

Pain and suffering in our lives do not equal a lack of love from God. Instead, they reveal, at the right time, a divine and perfect purpose packed with love.

Are you searching for hope amidst a trial? Beauty Beyond the Thorns offers a transformative perspective as to where it can be found. Darci weaves biblical stories with modern day stories, including her arduous journey through chronic pain, to demonstrate how God can turn life’s unexpected curveballs into victorious home runs. This is a story about the upside of suffering. In Beauty Beyond the Thorns, you will learn:
Suggestions as to why God allows suffering, and how he provides gifts (like courage, perseverance, and direction) to guide you through difficulties
How to experience peace, faith, and joy in suffering
How God uses trials to transform you, just like he did with Job, Joseph, Hagar, and Paul
To discover God’s goodness despite hardship
How adversity can bring you closer to what you truly long for

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