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Sins of the Family
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Sins of the Family

Hy Conrad

Sins of the Family follows the story of Callie McFee, an investigative reporter and the daughter of one of the most influential men in Texas. When her father, Buddy McFee, botches an easy legal case -- the DUI arrest of Trevor Birdsong, a young lifestyle marketer -- Trevor loses millions in stock options and hangs himself. Buddy worries that the suicide will tarnish his reputation and expose his secret, that he is suffering through the early stages of dementia. His world would be destroyed by this revelation, unless Callie can prove that this apparent suicide was in reality a very clever murder - defying all the evidence to the contrary.

Callie enters the world of hip, holistic healthcare, convinced that Trevor's death was somehow connected to a scandal within his company. But her investigation unleashes another revelation, one from deep in Buddy's past, that may just send him to prison - and get Callie killed in the process.

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