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Cultural & Social Issues
What Happens When the World's Racial Cultures Clash?
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What Happens When the World's Racial Cultures Clash?

Sterlin D. Williams

This book provides insights and catalyzes all members of humanity to increase their understanding and awareness of the dynamics and interactions that our global societal cultures and race play in our lives. The roles of culture, race, ethnicity, ethnocentrism, xenocentrism, and nationality are analyzed. All six concepts play a major role in the development of the identities of all members of humanity. Their interaction is important to our reality and is a large part of what forms it. Although all these factors and others play major roles in the development of the world's societies, culture and race will be the primary focus. The purpose of this book is to help all members of humanity understand the roles that culture and race play in our global society. The book reviews the impact of societal intercultural racial intermixing and multiculturalism. It examines the formation and developments of major world's cultures, subcultures, and societies. The book also evaluates the concepts of counterculture, subculture, and cancel culture. Finally, the book discusses ways to achieve a multi-cultural global society.

2021 New York City Big Book Award Winner
Distinguished Author
Understanding The Far-Reaching Global Impact of The World Racial Order

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