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Making Sense of What Hasn't Made Sense
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Making Sense of What Hasn't Made Sense

Dr. Ramona Roberts

This book is intended to provide readers with a foundational understanding of trauma and its impacts. Here, Dr. Roberts discusses different aspects of trauma such as the brain, substance use, relationships, emotions, the way it is defined, and more. She also shares insights on how trauma distorts perception and cognition; drives behavior; clouds one’s sense of safety, power, and control; and leaves one void of true intimacy. It is the author’s hope that by gaining an awareness about trauma, the reader will be able to better understand himself/herself, a loved one, or a client.Making Sense of What Hasn’t Made Sense is geared towards family members, friends, and the trauma survivor. It can also help students and early clinicians who want to gain a foundational understanding of trauma. It is quick and easily digestible read with straightforward explanations, tips, and tools that promote compassion, courage, and hope.

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