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Terriers in the Jungle
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Terriers in the Jungle

Georja Umano

Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking?

Reading Terriers in the Jungle by Georja Umano is like peering into the personal journals of Roxie and Romeo, two spunky and articulate stray dogs. The dogs ponder, philosophize and crack jokes as they express underlying feelings of loneliness, fear and love. We watch them transform from unwanted canines to beloved companions and pets.

The two adore each other, their home, and their mom Kate. But Kate, being an ardent animal conservationist, decides the family will move to Kenya to help save endangered elephants. The dogs must now learn to survive in the midst of wildlife, dangerous people, and circumstances far from the American dogs’ knowing.

We experience their journey – as endearing as it is thrilling, as they adapt and grow, from the lonely streets of L.A. to the jungles of Africa. Along the way, the reader learns quite a few things about rescue and wildlife conservation too.

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