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Underestimated: A CEO's Unlikely Path to Success
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Underestimated: A CEO's Unlikely Path to Success

Donald Thompson

There’s no college diploma hanging on Donald Thompson’s office wall. He didn’t have a prestigious internship at a Fortune 500 company. And yet, before the age of forty, Donald Thompson was a successful CEO and tech entrepreneur.

Underestimated is the story of a Black male who faced the challenges of contemporary America, fought to find his place, and fulfilled his dreams—even when the odds seemed stacked against him. Donald Thompson followed many unlikely paths, such as selling Jolly Ranchers out of his elementary school locker, working the graveyard shift in a deserted self-storage warehouse, and hawking subprime mortgages, before he found success. He achieved his dreams through grit and determination, trusting in his inherent talents and drive.

Don’s accomplishments are built on a strong family and the values they instilled—from his grandparents, who overcame tragic racism in rural Louisiana, to his parents, who married as teenagers to escape their limited surroundings. His family created an environment where he could dream without boundaries. Today, in his role as a business mentor and advisor, Donald Thompson strives to create that same environment for corporate executives and aspiring entrepreneurs, teaching them the tools to accelerate their success.

Underestimated follows Don’s unique path, stopping along the way to uncover the business and life lessons he learned, inspirations, and habits that can help anyone realize their dreams.

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