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Science Fiction
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Troy Suesse

For every baby born, another human must die. Unthinkably, planet Earth has run out of room. There's not enough food nor resources to sustain the masses. Those who do not contribute toward the common good and survival of humans are considered expendable. Man has devised a fascinatingly morbid survival competition to eliminate anyone who deviates from the law. The good hunt the bad to keep the population in check. Those who cross their neighbors tally a high “violation count” and will be marked for termination.

Maximum Capacity challenges the reader's imagination with fascinating new concepts. They will immerse themselves in a dystopian world where planet Earth is dying, the good people of the world are taking control, and man desperately searches for new, habitable planets in an attempt to avoid extinction. Sci Fi dystopian fans will want to read this book. Dare to enter the world of Maximum Capacity. Dare to enter the world of Maximum Capacity.

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