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Social/Political Change
Manufacturing versus Corruption: Who Wins?
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Manufacturing versus Corruption: Who Wins?

Ramy Harik, Joseph Elias Khoury

The objective of Manufacturing versus Corruption: Who Wins? is to use scientific methodologies and recommendations to motivate young people to participate in rendering the manufacturing ecosystem successful, by creating a socio-political stability amongst communities, counties, states, and nations in an unprecedented way. This book presents the reader with a practical approach and understanding of key scientific, industrial & managerial concepts that constitute a common policy narrative to be embraced, implemented, and executed across all governmental sectors. As a tool for policy makers, the authors demonstrate the need for a digital manufacturing economy grounded in complete transparency.

With over 50 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, Ramy Harik and Joseph Khoury are on a mission to bring together science, economics, technology, and policy making so all work in tandem for the greater good. Topics include digital manufacturing economies, manufacturing ring, importance of infrastructure and power for successful manufacturing, networks and internet, manufacturing policies, economic policies, education systems, water, importance of data in the manufacturing process, good manufacturing practices, and free-market manufacturing.

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