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The Freedom of Missing Out
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The Freedom of Missing Out

Michael Rossmann, SJ


Every day presents a blinding rush of options and opportunities, risks and benefits. And no matter what, you are going to miss out on something that might be better than what you choose. Mix this anxiety with an unhealthy dose of fear in all its various forms, and you have a recipe for a confused, neurotic, and unhappy life.

But there is hope for this present-day malady.

Shattering the popular conception that we should say yes to everything lest we miss out on something better, Michael Rossmann outlines a practical plan for developing emotional courage, increasing focus, and learning to say no to what depletes us. In turn, we end up with the space and ability to say yes to what energizes us and gives our lives more meaning, vitality, and purpose.

Blending personal stories, wisdom, and humor with cutting-edge research, Rossmann’s counterintuitive approach to the challenges of daily living provides readers with a roadmap to experience the freedom that comes from learning to discern what’s best for you, setting boundaries, and making a commitment to what matters most in your life.

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