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Young Adult Fiction
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Rebecca Miller

After her mother’s sudden death, artistically gifted Megan lost her will to draw as she watched her family crumble. When her father unexpectedly moves what’s left of them halfway across the country to mend, Megan must try, yet again, to rise from the ashes and create a new existence for herself. She’s intrigued when she sees Shawn—a secluded classmate who sparks unexpected drawing inspiration.

Shawn is protecting a terrible secret and teeters on the edge of letting go. With each layer Megan strips from him, she gets hints about how broken he is. If Shawn is brave enough to open up, Megan might be his undoing—which could save his life. But when Megan learns his darkest secret, will she be able to convince him life is still worth living?

Through a heart-wrenching journey that immerses Megan’s entire family in the dangerous and unthinkable world Shawn lives in, Megan succumbs to certain truths about life:

Nothing happens by accident.
We are exactly where we’re meant to be.
We all really are here for a reason.

Reality is rarely subtle.

Touch depicts abuses that may be difficult for some readers and is recommended for a mature audience.

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