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Between the Lines: A novel by Sarah Lynn
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Between the Lines: A novel by Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn

* 2022 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite New Fiction (First-time Published)
Eva is a young woman living her dream life as a photographer, at a wildly popular magazine in the Big Apple, after moving from her small hometown in Virginia. She soon finds herself overtaken by confusion and entangled in a web of deceit, as a long-time admirer promises her the world and then disappears mysteriously, leaving only a screen behind.

What started out innocently soon turns into an infuriating, but addictively mysterious mind-game. Eva struggles to find her worth in a man who is obsessively in love with her but hides behind a screen. Fighting to regain herself and her dimming future of which she was once so sure, every aspect of her life turns to upheaval at his random disruptive presence, in text, but never in physical form. Eva’s story holds deeper mystery as she fights to pick up the pieces, find healing, and come into her own in a way that is completely foreign to her. But not before encountering a bombshell surprise that will totally rewrite her history and inform her future.

Between the Lines will speak to the heart of those who understand the elusive pursuit of a dream, and the deep-felt desire to find true love, walking the road of heartache and confusion to get there. It is written for anyone who has struggled with self-worth and has fiercely sought the truth, in the midst of endless frustration.

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