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Short Stories
Not for Polite Society and Other Short Stories: Fictional tales on a ride of twists, turns, and the unexpected
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Not for Polite Society and Other Short Stories: Fictional tales on a ride of twists, turns, and the unexpected

Elle Stockton

A Transformative Journey, A Dark Fantasy, A Psychological Drama, A Romantic Suspense and An Unconventional Horror Story—Don’t wait to read what happens next!

The unifying thread of second chances in these stories will keep the reader on tenterhooks until the last word.

“Not for Polite Society”—Can Burt, a drifter, conman and gambling addict change following forty-three years of bad behavior? On the lookout for his next mark, without regard to wiping out widows, he moves around to avoid bookies, debt collectors, and ex-wives, landing in Nashville, Tennessee. After living in Nashville for two months, Burt wants to stay. Can he genuinely change his behavior so the owner and residents of his temporary home will want him to remain?

“Dark Night”—Jared, a stable thirty-year-old single man contemplates marrying his girlfriend of three years when a new love interest enters his life. How will he decide his future or will his decision be made for him?

“Behind Blank Eyes”—What terrors have pushed Emily into a hospital where her eyes are open, but not moving? In fact, Emily isn’t moving at all, not even a finger. This fictional story deals with a serious personal and public health problem, domestic violence, which one in four women experience in the United States.
Source: Andersson, V. et. al. (updated, 2023) "Domestic Violence [Statistics and Facts]". Accessed at

“Time”—The biggest cheat of all attempts to steal from Jon, age fifty-five as he begins early retirement. In the age of living with COVID-19, one’s time has become less certain than ever before. Every day is a gift. How will Jon use his hard-earned time?

“A Particular Taste: It Begins”—How will Janna, Mommy’s good little eight-year-old girl deal with her disturbing inner thoughts and overcome obstacles in her life? During the past two years since her Dad’s murder, Janna, Mommy’s good little girl has had strange, disturbing thoughts. Janna deals with her inner thoughts and overcomes obstacles created by the neighborhood bully, Billy. She finds an unusual way in which to begin coping with her life.

These tales of inner darkness, rebirth and ultimately, deliverance will spin readers through webs of deceit, mayhem, and story twists, offering up a new element in Elle Stockton’s stories—second chances.

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