Independent Press Award

2021 Winners

Andalon Awakens:
Dreamers of Andalon Book One
by T.B. Phillips
Addiction & Recovery
Exit the Maze:
One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure
by Dr. Donna Marks
Adult Coloring Book
Friends From My Imaginary World
by Jane F. Hankins
African American Fiction
The Bootlegger's Mistress
by Marc Curtis Little
African American Nonfiction
A History of the Black Baptist Church
by Wayne E. Croft Sr.
The Parables Of Sunlight
by Margaret Dulaney
defining moments of the uprooted
by Gabrielle Deonath and Kamini Ramdeen (Editor)
Audiobook: Children's Fiction
Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge
by Norman Whaler
Audiobook: Fiction
The Bahnburner:
Hot Rod Adventure Audio Drama
by Charles S. Clark
Audiobook: Nonfiction
Resilience - The Ultimate Sustainability
by Aris Papadopoulos
Biography: Historical
Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits:
Americans Against the Grain
by Arthur Hoyle
Book Cover Design Fiction
The Meat Hunter
by Megan Allen
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Book Cover Design Nonfiction
The Nature of Nature
by Dr. Enric Sala
Book Interior Design Nonfiction
Raging Waters in the South China Sea
by Rachel A. Winston, Ph.D. & Ishika Sachdeva
Business: Entrepreneurship & Sm Bus
Boss It
by Carl Reader
Business: General
"The Culture Quotient:
Ten Dimensions of a High-Performance Culture
by Greg Besner, Foreword by Tony Hsieh
Business: Motivational
Stand Out
by Carol Kinsey Goman
No Match For Her
by Travis Lee Hicks
Success After Service
by Lida Citroën
Caregiving: General
Good Morning I Love You, Maintaining Sanity & Humor Amidst Widowhood, Caregiving and Alzheimer's by Vicki Veasey
Caregiving: Specialized
Loving Choices, Peaceful Passing: Why My Family Chose Hospice
by Kathleen Vallee Stein
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Chapter Books
Hex: The Apprentice
by Fran Hodgkins
Charming Falls Apart
by Angela Terry
Childrens Fiction
Mei Ling in China City/
Mei Ling en la Ciudad China
by Icy Smith
Childrens: Inspirational
Cloudy Days: When Anxiety Hides the Sunshine
by Sarah Frank
The Blessed Life, That No One Really Wants
by Troy Dobbs
Coffee Table Book
Cruising the World: From Gondolas to Megaships, Photography by Dennis Cox, Text by Clark Norton
Saving Species on Private Lands: Unlocking Incentives to Conserve Wildlife & Their Habitats by Lowell E. Baier with Christopher E. Segal
Contemporary Novel
What We Do for Love
by Anne Pfeffer
Books for Your Collection
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Cookbooks: General
Amen to the Garden: Dandelions to Dinner
by Kim Cataldo Thompson
Cookbooks: Regional
Gaziantep Cuisine in Four Seasons
by Özden Mermer Ozsabuncuoglu
Crime Fiction
Murder Me Tomorrow
by Keith Wright
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Cross Genre
The Bronx Stagger
by Daniel P. Moskowitz
Cultural and Social Issues
With Liberty and Justice for Some
by Susan K. Williams Smith
Current Events
Edited by Curtis Ramsey-Lucas
Death & Dying
The Only Way Out Is Through- A Ten-Step Journey from Grief to Wholeness
by Dr. Gail Gross
Diet & Nutrition (Childrens)
Becoming a Superhero
by C. Ariane Durden
The Math(s) Fix:
An Education Blueprint for the AI Age
by Conrad Wolfram
Junglenomics: Nature's Solutions to the World Environment Crisis - a New Paradigm...
by Simon M. Lamb
Environmental: Childrens
Mr. Squirrel Finds A Treasure
by Susan Marie Chapman
Epic Fantasy
The Scarlet Queen
by Mitch Reinhardt
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Trine Rising, The Kinderra Saga: Book 1
by C.K. Donnelly
Fine Arts
Rookwood: The Rediscovery and Revival of an American Icon--An Illustrated History
by Bob Batchelor
The Healing Power of Girlfriends: How to Create Your Best Life Through Female Connection
by Deborah A. Olson
Gift Books
Love Poems From Vermont: Reflections on an Inner and Outer State
by Jon Meyer
Graphic Novels / Comics
Caravaggio: A Light Before The Darkness
by Ken Mora (Author), Cyrus Mesarcia (Illustrator)
The Only Way Out Is Through: A Ten-Step Journey from Grief to Wholeness
by Dr. Gail Gross
Health / Fitness
Feeling Good Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life
by Cheryl Meyer
Historical Fiction
Untitled: Crimes Against the Crown
by Wendy Bayne
History: United States
Sons of the Wild Jackass
by Terry Shoptaugh
History: World
Raging Waters in the South China Sea
by Rachel A. Winston, Ph.D. & Ishika Sachdeva
Miracle on Mall Drive
by Paolina Milana
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I Just Want to Paint: Mixing the Colors You Want!
by Carol A. McIntyre
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Holiday: Childrens
by Lis Anna-Langston
Home & Garden
Amen to the Garden: Dandelions to Dinner
by Kim Cataldo Thompson
The Nosferatu Conspiracy, Book One: The Sleepwalker
by Brian James Gage
How To Build Your Baby’s Brain: A Parent's Guide to Using New Gene Science...
by Dr. Gail Gross
Just Pru
by Anne Pfeffer
Juvenile Fiction
Jaspa's Journey 4: The Hermit of Kennecott
by Rich Meyrick
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The Infinite Leader
by Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren
Legal Thriller
The Midnight Call
by Jode Millman
Going on Red
by Lyn Gardner
LGBTQIA Nonfiction
Olivia on the Record:
A Radical Experiment in Women's Music
by Ginny Z Berson
Anyone's Son: Poems
by David Meischen
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Literary Fiction
Jacobo's Rainbow
by David Hirshberg
Marketing & Public Relations
Brand Storytelling
by Miri Rodriguez
444 Days: Memoirs of a Hostage Wife
by Marge German
Men's Health
How to Master Your Inner Superman: A Guide for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Using Superman to Conquer the Need for Facades by Kenneth Rogers, Jr.
Military Fiction
Poisoned Jungle
by James Ballard
Military Nonfiction
"My Pilot: A Story of War, Love, and ALS
by Sarajane Giere
Mind, Body, Spirit
Journey to the Ancestral Self: Remembering What It Is to Be Human
by Tamarack Song
Movies and Television
The Greatest Hoax on Earth: Catching Truth, While We Can
by Alan C. Logan
Multicultural Fiction
An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody
by C.J. Heigelmann
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Cool Cats and a Hot Mouse:
A History of Jazz and Disney
by Matthew Hodge
Nuclear Option
by Dorothy Van Soest
Mammals of North Dakota, Second Edition
by Robert Seabloom
New Fiction (First time published)
The Lines Between Us: A Novel
by Rebecca D'Harlingue
Junglenomics: Nature's Solutions to the World Environment Crisis - a New Paradigm for the 21st Century & Beyond by Simon M. Lamb
Paranormal Romance
What the Soul Suspects
by Mara Purl
Parenting & Family
The Big Book of Why For Parents
by Clifford D. James III
Performing Arts: Dance
Dancing Shapes:
Ballet and Body Awareness for Young Dancers
by Once Upon a Dance
Personal Growth
The Meaning of Life:
A guide to finding your life's purpose
by Nathanael Garrett Novosel
Maya Ruins Revisited:
In the Footsteps of Teobert Maler
by William Frej
Picture Books: Preschool
Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons:
Ellie's First Day of School
by Joseph Goodrich
Picture Books: Ages 4-8
Bindiya in India
by Monique Chedda
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Picture Books: All Ages
"The Pirate Princess"
by Alva Sachs
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Ghost Dogs
by Dion O'Reilly
The Case for Equality and Justice
by Werner Neff
Political Thriller
Silent Partner
by Max Cioux
Federal Resume Guidebook: Federal Resume Writing Featuring the Outline Format.., Ed. 7
by Kathryn K. Troutman
Learn to Love:
Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life
by Thomas Jordan Ph.D.
Religion: Fiction
Journey of a JuBu
by Blaine Langberg
Religion: Nonfiction
Let Me Prey Upon You:
Breaking Free from a Minister's Sexual Abuse
by Sandy Phillips Kirkham
Up for Air
by Christina Berry
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Romantic Comedy
Now Lorraine Has Gone
by Jeff Lowder
Romantic Suspense
A Child Lost
by Michelle Cox
Sales & Marketing
Authentic Selling: How to Use the Principles of Sales in Everyday Life
by Jeff Kirchick
Science Fiction
Unnatural Selection
by Thomas Pryce
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Self-help: General
YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness
by Vindy Teja, LL.B.
Self-help: Motivational
First Generation Father: How to Build a Healthy and Happy Home When...
by Anthony Blankenship
Self-help: Spiritual
A Path to Love, Forgiveness & Transformation
by Judi Miller
Short Stories
Claire, Wading Into the Danube By Night
by Jeffrey Condran
Small Books
Green Horses on the Walls
by Cristina A. Bejan
Social/Political Change
Reform the Kakistocracy:
Rule by the Least Able or Least Principled Citizens by William L. Kovacs
Regaining Paradise
by Paul Corson
10 Rules of Karate:
The Immutable Path to Victory
by Kris Wilder, Lawrence A. Kane
The Meat Hunter
by Megan Allen
Everything All At Once (Book 1 in the CHORDUROYS AND TOO MANY BOYS™ series)
by Ivy Cayden
Tokyo Traffic
(Detective Hiroshi Series Book 3)
by Michael Pronko
Every Penguin in the World:
A Quest to See Them All
by Charles Bergman
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True Crime
Through a Mother's Eyes
by Cary Allen Stone
Peak Human Clock: How to Get up Early, Fix Eating Time Schedule, and Improve Exercise...
by Said Hasyim
Western Fiction
Prospects of a Woman
by Wendy Voorsanger
Women's Fiction
Farewell My Life:
Buona Notte Vita Mia
by Cynthia Sally Haggard
Women's Issues
Advancing Reproductive Choice:
Leading with Conviction and Compassion
by Elizabeth S Maguire
Writing and Publishing
From Inspiration to Publication: Master Book Writing One Piece at a Time
by Roger Leslie
Young Adult Fiction
Prairie Sonata
by Sandy Shefrin Rabin
Young Adult Nonfiction
The King Inside: Practical Advice
for Young African-American Males
by Dr. Angelise M. Rouse
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