Independent Press Award

announces the

2020 Distinguished Favorites

Solar Reboot
by Matthew D. Hunt
Addiction & Recovery
Off The Rails:
One Family's Journey Through Teen Addiction
by Susan Burrowes
So You Want a Puppy
by Raven Howell
She's Got This!
Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On
Edited by Joanne Hartman and Mary Claire Hill
Fall Award: NYC Big Book
Accepting submissions for the Fall Contest,
Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge - The sequel to A Christmas Carol
by Norman Whaler
Goodbye Homeboy: How My Students Drove Me Crazy and Inspired a Movement
by Steve Mariotti
Pick Myself Up & Dust Myself Off
by Colin Caudell
"When I Go Back to My Home Country": A Remembrance of Archie Ammons
by Emily Herring Wilson
Killing Pat Garrett, The Wild West's Most Famous Lawman - Murder Or Self-Defense?
by David G. Thomas
Lewis R. Heim:
Mechanical Genius of Modern Industry
by Robert V. Jacobs
Book Cover Design-Nonfiction
The Real James Bond: A True Story of Identity Theft, Avian Intrigue & Ian Fleming
by Jim Wright
Book Cover Design-Nonfiction
Savvy: Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News in the Post-Trust Era
by Shiv Singh & Rohini Luthra
Book Cover Design-Fiction
Cry of an Osprey
by Angie Vancise
Book Interior Design Nonfiction
Explain Data and Inspire Action Through Story
by Nancy Duarte
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Business-Entrepreneurship & Small Business
No More Feedback:
Cultivate Consciousness at Work
by Carol Sanford
Build Your Library Today
Humanity Works: Merging Technologies and People for the Workforce of the Future
by Alexandra Levit
Superhuman Innovation: Transforming
Business with Artificial Intelligence
by Chris Duffey
Transforming While Performing: How to Create a Culture of Innovation with Partners
by Andres Angelani
Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody,
Carve your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life
by Laura Gassner Otting
3 Vital Questions:
Transforming Workplace Drama
by David Emerald
Business of a Spiritual Matter: What All Leaders of Faith-Based Nonprofits Should Know
by M. Gasby Brown
The WOW Factor Workplace:
How to Create a Best Place to Work Culture
by Deb Boelkes
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Cross of a Different Kind:
Cancer & Christian Spirituality
by Anthony Maranise
Required Reading for The Whole Cancer Thing. An Insider's Tale plus 101 "Must-Have" Survival Tips by Anne Kruse, M.S.
The Stars Are Lined Up for
Military Spouses for Federal Careers
by Kathryn Troutman
Yes is the Answer! What is the Question?: How Faith in People and a Culture of Hospitality Built a Modern Cameron Mitchell
Personal Health Organizer
by Anne McAwley-LeDuc, RN, APRN
Through the Rabbit Hole,
Navigating the Maze of Providing Care
by Trish Laub
Children's Educational
See the Sea
by Alese and Morton Pechter
Children's Educational
Where Does Money Grow?
by Beth McGuinness
Children's Fiction
Aline and the Blue Bottle
by Carolina Ugaz-Morán
Children's Inspirational
Granny's Trilogy
by Jo Anne Cushman Burrill
Children's Inspirational
The Magic of the Mysterious Lights
by George Yuhasz
Children's Inspirational
Rooster's Voice
by Adriana Pernetz
Start with Jesus:
How Everyday Disciples Will Renew the Church
by Julianne Stanz
Coffee Table Book
Living Mollusks
by Charles E. Rawlings, M.D, J.D
Crime Fiction
The Iron Collar
by Susan D. Peters
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Cultural and Social Issues
Stringing Rosaries: The History, the Unforgivable, and the Healing of Northern Plains American Indian Boarding Denise K. Lajimodiere
Current Events
Built to Suck: The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation...and How to Save It?
by Joseph Jaffe
Death & Dying
Peaceful Endings,
Guiding the Walk to the End of Life and Beyond
by Trish Laub
Meet the Principal:
My Journey Beyond the Curriculum
by Jane Blomstrand
TIPS A Guidebook for Teaching Excellence in ESL
by Dan Manolescu
The Adaptive Teacher
by John Barone & Charleen Katra
Band Of Innocence-Legacy
by Robert Agnello
Book Design
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Fine Arts
The Art of Symeon Shimin
by Tonia Shimin
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General Fiction
Junkyard at No Town
by J.C. Myers
General Fiction
Love in the Cretaceous
by Howard W. Robertson
General Fiction
The Secret of Jessie Judas
by E.M. Schorb
Woulda Been
by Penny Ledbetter
Historical Fiction
The Lost Years of Billy Battles
by Ronald E. Yates
Historical Fiction
by James Jennings
Historical Fiction
The Price of Compassion:
The Golden City Book Four
by A.B. Michaels
Historical Fiction
When We Were Brave
by Karla M. Jay
Historical Fiction-Series
The Crest,
Book I of The Prophecy
by Jerena Tobiasen
Historical Fiction-Series
The Emerald,
Book II of The Prophecy
by Jerena Tobiasen
Historical Fiction-Series
The Destiny,
Book III of The Prophecy
by Jerena Tobiasen
All Hollow
by Simeon Courtie
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The Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning (For Kick-Ass Gatherings That Inspire People)
by Andrea Driessen
Humor & Wit
The Misadventures of Rusty Kenneficke
by Keith Thye
Night Threads:
A Weaving of Soul Stories from the Dreamtime
by Susan Andra Lion
The Light in 9/11:
Shocked by Kindness, Healed by Love
by Lisa Luckett
NYC Big Book Award
Accepting submissions from ALL publishers:
The Truth:
The Biggest Cover-Up In History
by Robert Barry
Truth To Triumph
by Lily Sanders
Juvenile Fiction
Figley vs. the Mookling Hat
by Suzanne Cotsakos and Ryan McCulloch
Juvenile Fiction
Secrets of Hominea
By David W. Tollen
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Juvenile Fiction
The Mystery of the Lost Avenger
by Linda Maria Frank
Juvenile Fiction
The Red Coat
by Madge H. Gressley
Juvenile Fiction
Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind
by Eduard Shyfrin
The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail
by Charlene Li
The Virtual Divide:
Tackling Your Challenges of Leading in a Virtual World by Ronald B Beach
The Journey of Not Knowing:
How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None by Julie Benezet
Legal Thriller
Ready for the People
by Mike Langan
Legal Thriller
The Safecracker
by James Garrison
Cry of an Osprey
by Angie Vancise
Welcome to the Day
by Keven Renken
Literary Fiction
American Corporate
by Jeb Stewart Harrison
Literary Fiction
Clifford's Spriral: A novel
by Gerald Everett Jones
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The Magnolia Code
by Joan Brooks Baker
Buy The Little Ones A Dolly
by Rose E. Bingham
Fields of White Gold
by George Ann Byrd Danehower
Africa in My Soul:
Memoir of a Childhood Interrupted
by Cheryl Duvall
Military Fiction
The Emperor Strikes Back
by Helena P. Schrader
Mind, Body, Spirit
The Way of the Simple Soul
by Catherine Grace Landry
Book Award
Now accepting submissions from ALL publishers and authors:
The River Rat Murders: A Wind Grass Hill Novel
by Frank L. Gertcher
The Red Hand
by Michael Stephen Daigle
Saxxons in Witherston:
A Witherston Murder Mystery
by Betty Jean Craige
Preacher Finds a Corpse:
An Evan Wycliff Novel
by Gerald Everett Jones
New Fiction
Beloved Mother
by Laura Hunter
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New Fiction
The Enchanters' Child
by Navya Sarikonda
New Fiction
Far Away Bird
by Douglas A. Burton
New Nonfiction
Operations and Supply Chain Management Essentials You Always Wanted to Know
by Ashley McDonough
Parenting and Family
Raising Independent, Self-Confident Kids: Nine Essential Skills to Teach Your Child or Teen by Wendy L Moss, Ph.D. and Donald A Moses, M.D.
Personal Growth
Turn The Tables: From Challenges to Opportunities
by Priya Kumar
Picture Books - Ages 4-8
Tex the Explorer: Journey Around the Earth
by Ellie Smith
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Picture Books - Ages 4-8
Oink and Gobble and the Missing Cupcakes
by Norman Whaler
Picture Books - Ages 4-8
The Unlikely Journey of Leo the Leaf
by William J. Barker, Jr.
Picture Books - All Ages
The Rock and Roll Rolex
by Cathy Kreutter
Photographs by Timothy Hearsum
Foreword: Arthur Ollman
Frozen Charlotte
Poems by Susan de Sola
No Small Gift
by Jennifer Franklin
The Ocean Cannot Be Blue
by Kirsten Hampton
Save Our Ship
by Barbara Louise Ungar
What We Have Instead
Poems by Gus Speth
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Political Thriller
Black Dragon
by David Benjamin
Religion: Fiction
Eve of Awakening: Onoma Series Book 1
by Alisa Hope Wagner
Religion: Fiction
The Priest
by Bill Schubart
Religion: Nonfiction
Come Fill This Place: A Journey In Prayer
by Stacy Dietz
Religion: Nonfiction
Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?
by Dr. Frank Chase Jr, Th.D
Religion: Nonfiction
King Here: Never Too OLD, Too RICH
or Too ANYTHING to Meet Jesus
by Trish Porter Topmiller
Religion: Nonfiction
Slay the Day: Your Daily Dose of Victory
by Alisa Hope Wagner
The Brute and I
by Suzanne Smith
The Exile
by Gregory Phillips
Romantic Suspense
Everybody Lies
by Melanie A. Smith
Science Fiction
Earth Log
by Blaine C. Readler
Science Fiction
Mind Gardens
by Charles Stoll
Science Fiction
Solar Reboot
by Matthew D. Hunt
Self-Help: General
How to Kill Your Batman: A Guide for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Using Batman to Heal Hypervigilance by Ken Rogers
Self-Help: Motivational
Enough as You Are
by Peggy Weber
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Self-Help: Motivational
RESCRIPT the Story You're Telling Yourself: The Eight Practices to Quiet Your Inner Antagonist, Amplify Your Colleen Georges
Self-Help: Spiritual
Simple Musings:
A Collection of Spiritual Musings
by Alisa Hope Wagner
See some past winners and favorites like Corporal Muse by Allison Joseph
Self-Help: Spiritual
When God Says No
by Judith Briles
Short Stories
Prudence in Hollywood and Other Stories
by Ralph Cissne
Small Books
What Lies Beneath
by Pamela Hirschler
Social/Political Change
Solar Dividends: How Solar Energy Can Generate a Basic Income For Everyone on Earth
by Robert Stayton
The Mythic Moons of Avalon
by Jhenah Telyndru
The Count Of Baldpate
by Sherrie Todd-Beshore
The Fixer: The Naked Man
Katerina Mills - Book 1
by Jill Amy Rosenblatt
The Fixer: The Killing Kind
Katerina Mills - Book 2
by Jill Amy Rosenblatt
The Fixer: The Last Romanov
Katerina Mills - Book 3
by Jill Amy Rosenblatt
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Blockchain or Die: Learn to Profit From Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains
by Eric L. Guthrie, Esq.
The Hubley Case
by J. Lee
The Unseen
by Lisa Towles
Visionary Fiction
Just Love Everybody
by Greg Ware
High-Vibe Crystal Healing
by Jolie DeMarco
Western Fiction
The Last Orphan
by Jeffrey Lowder
Women's Issues
Hidden Women: Celtic Burgundy & Europe
by Jacqueline Widmar Stewart
Young Adult Fiction
Life Simply Moves On
by Niedhie Agarwal
Young Adult Fiction
SHRUG: A Novel
by Lisa Braver Moss
Young Adult Fiction
Someone in the Walls
by Teymour Shahabi
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