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Independent Press Award

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Ruler Of The Seas

Don Mazzella

Some military heroes never fought a battle. Spanning forty years, this three-book historical fiction series chronicles the true-life events of US naval officer, Eric Dykman. Made Naval Attaché after marrying a wild Venezuelan heiress, he is drawn into the South American spy wars. His successful efforts to ensure military stores reached Allied soldiers when and where they were most needed foiled Nazis on three continents.

Able to end Allied shipping bottlenecks and route convoys safely, he became involved in the rampant South American spy conflicts prior to America's entry into World War II. After being marked for death by Nazi spies, he was ordered back to Washington and told to improve and protect American ocean supply lines. Despite opposition from entrenched commanders, his efforts to keep the Atlantic Ocean highway flowing significantly contributes to the Allied victory. Among his Faustian bargain with the Mafia resulted in his Venezuelan heiress wife's death. All is disclosed in the first volume, RULER OF THE SEAS.

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