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Independent Press Award presents

Dell Computer, the right computer and great service for your publishing business

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Perfect for on the road, and in the office, the Latitude 12-inch 2-in-1 ideal for business.

Featuring security enhancements, excellent battery life, and the performance to power through your workday.

View this video to experience the features and benefits of owning this powerful computer.

Buy today and save.

Productivity at any angle.

Latitude 12 inch 2-in-1 for Business

Buy today and receive up to 40% off, or call your Dell Small Business Advisor at 1-800-757-8442 

Enjoy the Flexibility and power of the Latitude 2 in 1 computer.

Use as a laptop, tablet, or enjoy the automatic kickstand to make it easy to work.  Even impress your buyers as the Latitude becomes your personal presentation screen to show off your new catalogue or new lead title.  Be prepared to be so productive, have ease of work and be downright stylish!

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